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A Streamlined Tipping Process

How Dave’s Sushi made employees happy while streamlining their backend accounting. 

About Dave’s Sushi

Dave’s Sushi touts itself for serving high-quality food with a friendly, laid-back atmosphere — no plush modern trimmings and post-modern art hanging from the walls. As a relaxed restaurant, they wanted their backend accounting to align with their atmosphere: simple and functional.

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The Problem

Similar to most restaurants, managers were spending hours on bank runs and shuffling through receipts just to pay their servers their tips. Plus, servers had to come back during their time off to pick up their cash tips. Dave’s Sushi sought out a solution to simplify their tipping process.

The Solution

Immediately after implementing Payouts Network’s tipping solution, managers and servers saw a transformation in how tips were paid out.

  • Can easily track money coming in and out
  • No more running to the bank to get cash
  • Thousands of dollars in cash weren't needed on site — no longer a target for theft or robbery
  • Servers had access to their tips immediately after their shift
  • Managers save an average of 5 hours a week 

“Payouts Network is a pretty easy solution to say yes to.”

Cam, Owner